About Us

Aktive Security Group offers a range of security services that fit your daily needs.  Our services range from your basic Uniformed Guards to specialized services such as Executive Protection.

We work side by side with our clients to better assist them with choosing the right service that they are looking for and meet their expectations by offering a customized security service.

Not only are our security guards highly trained, but we also utilize the latest technology which is available.  Our security guards are able to adapt and preform accordingly to any situation that may arise while providing the highest quality of professional service.

Combining our steadfast goal and highly-skilled security professionals, Aktive Security has grown into a name you can trust and rely on.

Aktive Security Team

Excellent Customer Service

A happy customer is our aim and we achieve that by accomplishing the target set for us by our clients.


Fast Response

You get your query resolved in a short time at Aktive Security. Even our security personnel respond actively and quickly to unwanted situations.


Professional Attitude

Our security guards are known for maintaining professionalism at all times when they are on duty. They are alert and focused on the job they are hired for.


Competitive Pricing

Our services don’t make a hole in the client’s pocket. Our services are affordable so that you can feel safe even on financial grounds.